My Favourite Things - Knitwear

My Favourite Things - Knitwear

Louise boasts over a decade of involvement in the Danish fashion industry, where she has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of renowned designer brands.

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From the inception of MFTK, Louise's primary objective has revolved around crafting enduring and timeless wardrobe essentials of superior craftsmanship that extend well beyond a single season. Her approach entails creating elegantly straightforward designs with meticulous attention to detail, all while striving for the epitome of a flawless fit.

Reflecting on her journey, Louise expresses, "After more than a decade in the fashion industry, I experienced a saturation of overconsumption and mass production. I felt a need to go back to my roots, crafting my wardrobe with my own hands. I was frustrated to see how collections became outdated almost before they hit the stores, and wanted to create something more long-lasting. This is how the idea of MFTK came to life. I've taken the advantage of my many years of experience within fashion and design and created a brand of timeless knitwear without an expiry date."

At MFTK, you’ll find patterns to create elegant and staple garments for your wardrobe.  These patterns are thoughtfully written in precise and accessible language, rendering MFTK an ideal choice for novices and seasoned knitters alike. The diverse array of patterns affords individuals the opportunity to refine and elevate their knitting skills to new heights.



The incredibly talented Norwegian knitter Birgitte (Instagram: @biggistrikk) is definitely someone you should follow for knitting inspiration. Her knitted wardrobe is truly something to admire. Above are some of her creations from MFTK’s pattern using Drops yarn. For the classic Sweater No 9 she’s used a combination of Drops Merino Extra Fine and Kid-Silk. The raglan construction on this sweater is so lovely, but we can say from experience, very easy to knit! 

For the feminine and light Sweater No 1 she’s combined 3x strands of Drops Kid-Silk.

For Sweater No 12 she’s used the gorgeously soft combination of Drops Baby Merino and Kid-Silk. Baby Merino does have a tendency to stretch slightly after wash, so bear that in mind when deciding on which size to knit.

Instagram: @myfavouritethings.knitwear


Happy knitting!

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