PetiteKnit stands as one of Denmark's leading figures in the realm of knitwear design, boasting remarkable popularity, an extensive portfolio of published creations, and a substantial social media following. Her influence resonates not only within Denmark but also across international borders, evident in her patterns available in 9 different languages.




Mette Wendelboe Okkels is the creative force behind PetiteKnit, and has designed a range of immensely beloved and widely recognised design collections. These include the popular Sunday, Weekend, Terrazzo series and of course the timeless Ankers series and the very beginner friendly Novice series 

The elegant creations by PetiteKnit embody a simple Nordic aesthetic that resonates with her devoted followers. Within her patterns, Mette offers clear instructions accessible to all, irrespective of whether you're a novice or an experienced knitter. As you can see below, we've tested quite a few PetiteKnit patterns over the years. We cannot stress enough how fantastically well written the patterns are for new knitters.

If you are a beginner we highly recommend trying out the Novice, Ankers or Sunday series. The Novice series in particular was tailored specifically for beginners.

For the Sophie Shawl, Novice Sweater and Weekend Slipover, Drops Puna and Drops Kid-Silk is a great yarn alternative

Novice sweater, Sophie Shawl, Weekend Slipover


 Drops Belle is perfect for Anker’s Summer Shirt and Anker’s Sweater

Ankers summer shirt

Look up #sundaysweater on instagram and you’ll find Drops Air is a fantastic substitute yarn for Sunday Sweater. For Sunday Cardigan Mohair Edition, Kid-Silk is a perfect alternative

petiteknit sunday cardigan mohair


The gorgeously, feminine Cumulus Blouse O-Neck knits up beautifully with Drops Kid-Silk 

If you're seeking a project with a more intricate level of difficulty, the Ingrid collection by PetiteKnit is sure to captivate your interest. The Ingrid Slipover, designed for adults, and the Ingrid Sweater Junior, tailored for kids, showcase three captivating stitch motifs that not only result in stunning knitting but also provide an excellent opportunity for those looking to elevate their textured knitting skills. 

These patterns are knitted with DK weight yarn, while the Slipover version incorporates the added dimension of lace weight yarn held together. Consider the exquisite combination of Merino Extra Fine and Kid-Silk for a truly beautiful knit.

Happy knitting!